Oyster Ceiling Lights

Surface mounted ceiling lights (oysters) are a perfect solution for bedrooms and hallways, as well as living rooms and kitchens. They are effective in lighting up large areas from one light point. Another advantage with using oysters is where recessing a hole in the ceiling is difficult or not possible, for example concrete ceilings. 


LED oyster lights are trendy and fit well in almost any interior or exterior location. Most people use them in clusters or rows to extend their light coverage. At Ozlighting, our catalogue includes oyster lights with dimmable controls, motion sensors, and other valuable features that make them ideal for hallways, exterior walkways, bathrooms, closets, bedrooms, and most other spaces.

Oyster lights come in a range of standard shapes, including oval, square, and circular. The LED light casing often has trims in classic colours, including black, silver, gold, white, and copper. We can help you find the perfect accent LED oyster light for your home.

Choose from various sizes, shapes, and styles with features including dimmable, motion-controlled, and tricolour switchable LED lights. Our products include ultra-modern, sleek, traditional bronze, and antique oyster lights with fabric shades. We have a light to fit almost any residential aesthetic.

Surface-mounted oyster lights are excellent for ceilings made of concrete, hardwood, or other materials that cannot accommodate recessed light fixtures. These LED oyster lights are a breeze to install. You can secure them firmly to any ceiling or wall. They are quick to install and cost-effective. The low profile fits nicely in smaller spaces or rooms with lower ceilings.

Save money on your energy bill, and enjoy a longer-lasting product. Energy-efficient LED oyster lights are an environmentally friendly option capable of lasting an estimated 80% longer than similar fluorescent lights.

Personalize your home with our popular LED oyster lights.

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