Ceiling Fans

Choose from a variety of Ceiling Fans, including stylish Designer Ceiling Fans, Traditional AC Ceiling Fans, DC Energy Saving Ceiling Fans, Timber Blade Ceiling Fans, and Ceiling Fans with Remote Controls....

Most ceiling fans in our collection have a reverse setting switch so the fan can be used in winter time, recirculating the warm air that rises to the ceiling. Combined with air conditioning, this will provide significant savings on heating costs, as well as keeping your room warm and snug. Available in a huge range of different styles and colours to complement your interior design style.

Buy Ceiling Fans in Australia

Ozlighting is Australia’s leading supplier of ceiling fans. During the hot and humid Australian summers, ceiling fans are more of a necessity than a luxury. While stand fans are ideal for portability, ceiling fans offer more effective cooling and optimal comfort.

The function of a ceiling fan is to circulate the air in your room. Humans have an invisible layer of warmth outside of our bodies that shield us from cool temperatures. A ceiling fan eliminates that layer, giving us an illusion of coolness.

Ceiling fans also help keep your room warm if you switch the rotation of the fan blades clockwise. By reversing the fan direction, it pushes the warm air in the room downwards and cold air upwards.

An added benefit of ceiling fans is they save you money on your energy bills. Because they do not directly cool your room, you can turn them off when nobody is occupying the space, allowing you to conserve more energy.

Ceiling fans can be stylish and enhance the aesthetic appeal of a room to satisfy your inner interior designer. They come in many different shapes, sizes, and styles, giving you a lot of flexibility.

Our Fans

We offer ceiling fans that satisfy many functions. Whatever your use for a ceiling fan is, you can find it here. Below are some of the ceiling fans we offer.

  • DC Ceiling Fans

DC ceiling fans connect to a power source, allowing you to conserve up to 70% more energy than a standard AC unit. You also will have more control options on your remote control.

  • Ceiling Fan with Light

Many ceiling fans also come with lights that add to the value of your appliance. Most of these fans have a dimming option which gives you the ability to coordinate it with the look and feel of your room. Try one with LED lights to save energy.

  • Outdoor Ceiling Fan

Because we deal with extreme temperatures in Australia, outdoor ceiling fans are a wise investment. They can increase the comfort of your patio, making it easier to survive the brutal summers.

  • Low Profile Ceiling Fans

If you do not have a sizable home, you may need to invest in a low-profile ceiling fan. These are fans that are closer to your ceiling to abide by building safety protocols. Ceiling fans also must be 2.1 metres from the floor./p>

Ozlighting is your one-stop shop for ceiling fans in Australia. Enjoy our selection of fans below.

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