LED Downlights are currently available in many sizes,
wattages, colour temperatures and beam angles,
as well as different options depending on ceiling type.
Therefore it is important to narrow down the wide range
and find the product that suits your application.
We recommend you consider the following questions to
make your choice of downlight to be quicker and easier to find:

  • Do you require a recessed or surface mounted downlight?
  • What downlight is required to produce the right amount of 
  • light, or too much light?
  • What colour temperature do I choose?
  • What size do I choose?
  • What is the best beam angle to have?
  • Will I be dimming the LED Downlight?

Determining these handy considerations will make your choice
quicker and easier. The only thing left is to choose the look that
you like. For more information, please check our Blog section for
handy advice. Good luck!!!
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