Outdoor Heaters

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    Buy Outdoor Heaters in Australia

    Keep warm in the cold Australian nights with a well-designed, stylish outdoor heater. From BBQs to hangouts, outdoor heaters maintain warmth and comfort while providing alluring light.

    At Ozlighting, we provide a range of radiant heaters or heating stripes for prices that match your budget.

    Remote Control

    Prepare your outdoor spaces ahead of time using a convenient remote-control feature. Select outdoor heaters come equipped with remote control technology, letting you manage your environmental comfort from a distance or ahead of schedule.

    Heating for Your Budget

    At Ozlighting, we offer outdoor heaters at different price points to match every outdoor space and budget. Choose an outdoor heater that fits the size of both your outdoor environment and your budget, from small circular heaters to larger, multi-piece strip heating systems.

    For small outdoor patios with overhangs, directional heating stripes make an excellent, affordable choice. 

    To provide heating in small alcoves or outdoor workspaces, opt for smaller heater models. 

    Ceiling or Wall Mounted

    To make the most of your heating choices, we offer both wall-mounted and ceiling-mounted models of outdoor heaters.

    Wall-mounted outdoor heaters offer greater control over close-to-the-ground heating. These heaters work best in smaller spaces or to provide radiant heat at a lower level. 

    Ceiling-mounted heaters provide hot air or radiant heat that moves downward, heating spaces directly below the fixture. 

    At Ozlighting, we have the outdoor heaters you need for maximum outdoor comfort. Find the appliances you want by using our customisable search options to get started.

    4 products