Outdoor Ceiling Lights

Outdoor Ceiling Lights are surface mounted close-to-ceiling lights, designed to be unobtrusive, while providing generous light for the outdoor area. Available in a range of materials, including a polycarbonate range to suit coastal areas....

Buy Outdoor Ceiling Lights in Australia

Make the most of your outdoor spaces by using quality outdoor ceiling lights. Ceiling lights offer top-down lighting that increases the utility, beauty, and safety of any outdoor space. 

Outdoor ceiling lights work for more than just ceilings. At Ozlighting, you’ll find different designs, IP ratings, and more to get the custom look you want for patios, walkways, and more. 

Choose the Best Mount Option

When designing the lighting of your outdoor spaces, choose outdoor ceiling lights with a mount style that suits your budget and aesthetic tastes. 

Outdoor ceiling lights with a recessed mount provide a unique look and come with a higher IP rating than non-recessed options. 

Surface-mounted ceiling lights offer more style choices. Find these lights available in coach, globe, and round designs. 

Pendulum or hanging outdoor ceiling lights are unique, beautiful, and work well in creative outdoor environments. See Ozlighting’s collection of outdoor ceiling lights to consider what mount option works best for your space.

Know Your IP Ratings

Outdoor lights go up against good and stormy weather, as well as other elements that put the lights at risk for damage. Protect your investment in your outdoor spaces by buying outdoor ceiling lights with high IP ratings. 

IP Ratings indicate how resistant a light fixture is against dust and water. The first number in an IP rating represents the dust resistance score, while the second pertains to water resistance. For the most protection, choose an outdoor ceiling light with an IP rating of 65 or higher. 


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