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    Buy Outdoor Pendant Lights in Australia

    Illuminate your garden, patio or balcony with the addition of a stunning outdoor LED pendant light. Pendant lights offer bright lighting for your outdoor areas while still creating a soft and inviting atmosphere that’ll welcome you home when the evening comes.

    Our outdoor pendant lights are made for Australian conditions from materials that’ll last, including brass and galvanised steel, for a beautifully aged and curated look. Available in a number of tones and finishes, our collection includes outdoor ceiling pendant lights as well as options that can be hung into trees for a soft backlighting effect.

    Outdoor Pendant Light Designs & Options For Any Setting

    Adding an outdoor pendant light into your outside spaces not only brightens the area but also adds to the aesthetics, atmosphere and functionality. The lighting you want to create in your outdoor space is limited only by the ways in which you can think to use it. Our range spans sleek and modern designs to more traditional and rustic to suit the look and feel of your home.

    You may want to add a focal point in the garden itself by adding pendant lights in the branches of your trees for a gently illuminated look. Or, add a pendant porch light to brighten your doorstep during the darker months. Outdoor ceiling pendant lights are also a great addition to your outdoor dining areas, enabling you to enjoy more time with friends and family around a well-lit table in the evenings.

    Many of our outdoor pendant lights have dimmable LED light bulb options too, enabling you to curate the perfect atmosphere to suit the mood and setting. We have outdoor pendant LED lights suitable for any setting. Simply check the specifications of the product to see which are suitable for full outdoor use and which need to be kept under cover.

    We Provide Many Outdoor Pendant Variations for Your Home

    Here, you’ll find plenty of outdoor pendant lights to suit each and every part of your home and garden. When it comes to choosing the perfect option for you, we recommend considering the style of your home, where you’ll be adding your lighting and the purpose the lighting needs to fill. Many of our outdoor pendant lights are made for full outdoor use, while others are best reserved for undercover patios and verandas.

    If you’re looking for accent lighting to add a touch of ambience or to create a focal point outdoors, hanging pendant lights that offer a gently diffused light like a tube pendant light are perfect. Or, look for an option that’s compatible with dimmable light bulbs and choose a frosted, warm-toned light. This combination is perfect for creating everything from a softly lit and welcoming entryway to a focal point in your garden around your entertaining area.

    You don’t need to compromise on style if you’re looking to add outdoor lighting for more functional reasons. Opt for an outdoor wall light, such as a lantern-style light, for bold illumination and combine them with white lights for a crisp, brilliant lighting solution. Many of our lantern lights can be adjusted to different lengths, giving you the versatility to adjust or move them according to the season and your preferred lighting location.

    Energy Saving Outdoor LED Pendant Lights

    Our range of outdoor pendant lights is LED compatible as standard. LED lighting uses a fraction of the energy of conventional halogen and fluorescent bulbs as well as giving you a more durable and long-lasting option in lighting. Many LEDs will last 10 to 15 years, giving you a beautifully lit outdoor area that requires little to no maintenance once you’ve got everything set up.

    LED lighting is the best option for outdoor or semi-exposed lighting as they’re more resilient against natural light, temperature and moisture fluctuations, making it ideal for gardens, gazebos and walkways.

    If you’re unsure of which light bulb you’ll need, each product page comes with recommendations for compatible bulbs. Or, you can speak to our team, who can help you choose the best LED lighting for pendant lights. LED light bulbs give you plenty of options, choose between dimmable or fixed, frosted or clear and warm or cool to create the perfect atmosphere with lighting that’ll last for years to come.

    Why Choose Ozlighting for Outdoor Pendant Lights

    At Ozlighting, we’ve curated the best collection of outdoor pendant lights that are as stylish as they are durable. Whether you’re looking for something that can withstand any and all conditions that Australian weather can throw at it or simply need something that’ll brighten up your outdoor dining space for those long evenings around the table, we have the perfect option for every home and aesthetic.

    We also have LED options to match our range, and many of our outdoor pendant lights are also compatible with dimmable bulbs, allowing you to refine how bright you’d like your space to be for the ultimate control over your atmosphere.

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    Nordlux LUXEMBOURG - 1 Light Exterior Pendant Light-Nordlux-Ozlighting.com.au
    Nordlux LUXEMBOURG - 1 Light Exterior Pendant Light-Nordlux-Ozlighting.com.au
    Nordlux LUXEMBOURG - 1 Light Exterior Pendant Light
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    Nordlux LINTON - 1 Light Ribbed Lantern-Style Metal Outdoor Pendant IP54-Nordlux-Ozlighting.com.au
    Nordlux LINTON - 1 Light Ribbed Lantern-Style Metal Outdoor Pendant IP54-Nordlux-Ozlighting.com.au
    Nordlux LINTON - 1 Light Ribbed Lantern-Style Metal Outdoor Pendant IP54
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