Deck Lights

Deck Lights as the name suggests are a great addition to add soft ambient light to an outdoor deck. Choose from fixed colour models, or colour change (RGB). RGB stands for Red-Green-Blue, and means with the help of a colour controller, these three colours can be combined to produce a rainbow of colours.


The VIVID series is a popular Deck Light 5 Pack Plug-N-Play kit. Do-It-Yourself installation with the option of adding extra heads if more than 5 lights are required (maximum of 5 extra heads can be added). Available in Warm White, White and RGB options.

Buy Deck Lights in Australia

Deck lights transform any deck into a functional work of art. Customise the colour, brightness, and look of your outdoor deck lights to capture the magic of the Australian outdoors in style. 

At Ozlighting, our selection of deck lights provides customisation and affordability while you design your outdoor experience. 

High IP Ratings

At Ozlighting, all the deck lights we offer come equipped with a high IP rating to protect your investment. IP ratings refer to any light fixture’s ability to resist dust and water. High IP scores mean higher resistance against damage from dirt, rain, or high-pressure water sources. 

Soft White, RGB, and More

Soft white or off-white colours make an elegant choice when it comes to deck lights. This classic style allows for simple, graceful lighting in any space. 

To create a little more fun, try a changeable RGB-coloured LED deck light. Coloured deck lights offer unique, dynamic looks for get-togethers, showcases, performances, and more.

Dimmable or Fixed

If you would like to customise the amount of light in your space based on moods or preferences, choose a dimmable deck lighting option. We offer both fixed (not dimmable) and dimmable deck lights in various designs and colour temperatures. 

Remote Control

For the ultimate in ease and comfort, choose deck lights that come equipped with remote control. Remote control options increased safety and ease of access with a touch of class. 

At Ozlighting, we provide the lighting choices you need for the deck spaces you want. Shop our deck lights by getting started with our filter options below. 

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