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Outdoor wall lights provide excellent solutions for a variety of outdoor lighting needs. Use these outdoor lighting fixtures to illuminate any outdoor space for improved safety, ambience, and aesthetics. ...

Outdoor wall lights come in a wide range of designs, colours, sizes, and IP ratings. At Ozlighting, we are here to help you choose the right outdoor wall lights for your outdoor environment.

What Does IP Rating Mean?

If you shop for outdoor wall lights, you will probably see several different IP ratings. These ratings indicate the light fixture’s resistance against dust and water.

You need to choose the correct IP rating to get the most out of your outdoor lighting purchase. In general, the higher the IP rating, the more resistant the light fixture is against dust and water damage. An IP rating of 65, for example, provides the best protection against dust and protection from some pressurised water sprays.

Consider the intended locations of your lighting fixtures before deciding on a suitable IP rating. A lower IP rating may be acceptable if you cover or place your lighting fixtures under an eave or overhang.

What Does IP Rating Mean?

At Ozlighting, we carry a wide variety of outdoor wall light styles, colours, finishes, and more. Choose from lighting designs, including:

  • Bunker Wall Lights
  • Coach Wall Lights
  • Flood Lights
  • Outdoor Ceiling Lights
  • And more

At Ozlighting, we provide the best choices for your outdoor wall lighting needs. Get started by browsing below!

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