Outdoor Inground Lights

Inground Lights require a lot of planning and consideration to achieve longevity and the right lighting effect. When considering Inground Lights, it is important to make sure you have investigated the best ways in getting the most out of your Inground Lights. 

  • Inground Lights require adequate draining underneath by allowing for a deep hole filled with gravel
  • Having a proper weatherproof connection between the light and circuit cable will ensure that moisture will not enter the light fitting. Most suppliers will not warrant the Inground Light if this is not followed
  • If multiple lights are installed, and the right cable size is not used on long run lengths, more than likely the light ouput of the first light to the last light will be different due to voltage drop
  • Make sure the correct power supply is selected to handle the wattage load. We recommend to load the driver up to 80% maximum.

The latest Inground Lights are using Induction technology to prevent moisture damaging the LED chip. For more information, please see the Magneto range of Inground Lights.

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