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    Buy Ceiling Fans With Lights in Australia

    Ceiling fans with lights provide the benefits of both air circulation and illumination. With two functions packaged into a single product, ceiling fans with integrated lighting merge function with style.

    Ozlighting carries a wide range of ceiling fan options and styles to match your needs and budget. As the leading online lighting supplier in Australia, our inventory of ceiling fans with lights includes top-of-the-line name brands, such as Brilliant Lighting, DEKA, Mercator, and more.

    Ceiling Fans Styles and Lighting Options

    The benefits of a ceiling fan light fixture go beyond simply moving air and providing illumination. With so many styles, colours, and added functions available, ceiling fans with lights can provide efficient brightness while reducing energy costs.

    Direct Current (DC) Powered Ceiling Fans

    Direct current (DC) fans have evolved in recent years and have become commonplace in residential applications. They are energy-efficient, using up to 70% less energy than alternating current (AC) fans. For the best overall value, choose a package that includes a DC-powered ceiling fan with LED lighting.

    LED Fan Lights

    LED fan lights are another energy-efficient alternative to halogen lighting. LED lights have greater longevity and require far less energy than incandescent or halogen lights. And remember, when you use less energy, you help the planet and your wallet.

    Styles and Added Features

    Interior designers and home renovation specialists turn to Ozlighting for our unparalleled selection of ceiling fans. Our ceiling fans with lights provide dual functionality and aesthetic appeal for virtually any design style. Our most popular offerings include:

    • Contemporary and modern ceiling fans - clean, simple lines, neutral colours, usually made from bronze, steel, nickel, or wood
    • Traditional ceiling fans – focused more on function than aesthetic, create a cosy, relaxed atmosphere
    • Transitional ceiling fans – a combination of contemporary and traditional styles, clean lines create a warm, elegant atmosphere

    Our damp and wet ceiling fans are ideal for outdoor spaces such as patios and transitional rooms. Damp ceiling fans’ motors are weatherproof, and the all-weather blades are warp-resistant and stand up well against humidity.

    Many of our ceiling fans with lights come with added convenience, such as a remote control, which allows you to manage the fan components and the integrated light. The remote control enables you to turn the light and fan on and off, dim the light, adjust the fan speed, set timers, and more.

    Ozlighting is Australia’s leader in lighting solutions for your home or business.

    59 products