Carbon Filament Globes

Carbon Filament Globes are very popular globes, used commonly as decorative globes in hanging lights, table and floor lamps.They provide soft ambient light and can be dimmed low, which is great for restaurants and bars. Available in a range of shapes and bases....

Buy Carbon Filament Globes in Australia

Many people underestimate how much your choice of light bulbs can add to your home. Carbon filament globes make your home more stylish and provide rustic interior and exterior lighting. Because of this, carbon filament bulbs are having a resurgence in Australia.

Retro globes give your home or business a sleek, classic look that is welcoming to visitors. Many restaurants opt to install carbon filament bulbs to add to the aesthetic appeal of their establishment. If you host many parties and events at your home, filament globes provide the perfect ambience for special occasions.

The origins of carbon filament globes date back to 1879 with ties to Thomas Edison himself. However, historians credit Sir Joseph Wilson Swan with the invention of filament light bulbs. With the advancement of technology, carbon bulbs became obsolete. However, they are making a comeback due to their warm ambience and versatility.

One of the benefits of a carbon filament globe is it eliminates the need for a lampshade. You want your guests to see the antique-style carbon globe for its beauty and decoration.

These globes are perfect for rustic and old-school environments, fitting well in log cabins and nature lodges. Carbon filament globes draw comparisons to the look and feel of candlelight, which is why they are the go-to choice for many restaurants.

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With their intimate appeal, carbon filament globes differ from the typical LED light bulbs you see nowadays. Help your home or business stand out by purchasing a filament globe from our collection.

These globes are the perfect accessory for your indoor or outdoor patio. Create a romantic atmosphere for you and your significant other or light a pathway leading up to your door. How you use your carbon filament globes is up to your imagination.

Whether you seek residential or commercial lighting, a carbon filament globe caters to your every need. We make it easy for you to find the perfect carbon globe for your home or business.

You may filter your search by colour temperature, wattage, price, and brand. We carry most of the premier brands in the light bulb industry, such as Domus Lighting, Mercator, and CLA Lighting.

We also offer industrial pendant lights, smart lighting systems, oyster lights, and more.

Buy your carbon filament globes at Ozlighting. We offer a variety of bulbs that will light your home efficiently.

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