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A desk light is a fundamental working component in your home or office. A quality desk light illuminates your workspace with focused light that does not cause eye strain. Finding quality lighting that provides the correct level of brightness for your needs can be a challenge...

Ozlighting is the leading online supplier of desk lights in Australia. We offer a wide selection of desk lamps that come in numerous colours, styles, and applications.

Read on to learn more about how to select the best desk light for your workspace.

How To Choose a Desk Lamp in Australia

Shopping for a desk lamp seems like a straightforward task. However, if you are unsure what to look for, the various options can be overwhelming. Be mindful of the type of lighting, size, style, and features that will best satisfy the requirements of your home or workspace.

Lamp Size

The size of your desk lamp should be proportionate to your workspace. If you have a large workspace, you can probably accommodate a larger desk lamp. If your desk is small, find a small desk light with sufficient brightness that won’t take up too much space. As a rule of thumb, the height of the lamp should match the height of your computer monitor.


An adjustable lamp can be convenient and space-efficient. Adjustable arm lamps, gooseneck lamps, and clip-on lamps allow you to control the direction and positioning of the beam.

Quality/Type of Light

Since the primary purpose of a desk lamp is to provide task lighting, finding the appropriate level of brightness should be a top priority. The type of bulb determines the brightness and quality of light. Incandescent light bulbs give off a clear, bright light but pale in comparison to the newer LED lights. LED desk lamp light bulbs deliver a condensed beam of light, free from the glare of the old school incandescent bulb.


The top priority in selecting a desk lamp should be function and comfort. However, considering the variety of styles and colours on the market today, finding a desk lamp that offers aesthetic appeal while satisfying its intended application should be easy.

Extra Features

Some desk lamps come loaded with useful features you may not have considered, such as:

  • Embedded USB ports allow you to keep your mobile devices charged
  • A dimmer switch to control the brightness of the lamp
  • A calendar function that displays the day, date, and time
  • Bluetooth speakers
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