Indoor Steplights

Indoor Steplights are a range of recessed or surface mounted lights, that have been designed to be installed above the stairs to provide safe and efficient lighting when walking up and down staircases. This category has grown over the years as many use Indoor Steplights as feature lights in corridors, as well as subdued lighting at night to avoid overhead lighting. Available in a range of designs, and colour temperature options.


Dark hallways and stairways can sometimes lead to dangerous falls. Indoor step lights provide illumination for easier walking at night. Ozlighting offers stair lights for both your outdoor and indoor steps

An LED stair light is effective in providing enough visibility near your feet. They can also be cheaper than using overhead lights.

Staircase lighting can do more than just make it safer navigating the stairs. You can have them add a specific mood to your space. They can enhance the lighting on your deck or make your landscape more attractive.

Stair lights with warm white light will bring a calming feeling to your space. If you simply want to see the steps a little better, choose cool lighting.

Some step lights can cycle between warm and cool lighting through an adjustable switch. Consider your needs when deciding on the step light style!

Do you live near a beach? Such environments tend to be saltier, which means you’ll need marine-grade stainless steel to prevent corrosion. If you don’t live in a salty area, aluminium may be a suitable option.

We have a range of styles available including wall-mounted step lights & recessed step lights. Order indoor step lights from Ozlighting for safer walking and an enhanced visual appearance.

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