LED Globes

There are several reasons why LED bulbs/globes are an advantage over traditional globes. 

  • LED lamps last longer
  • LED lamps consume less power than most than traditional globes
  • LED lamps don't emit UV light, which won't fade paintings or print's
  • LED lamps can be produced in specific colour temperatures
  • LED lamps are more environmentally friendlier than other lamps
  • LED lamps start up instantly in contrast to other lamps

Choose from different shapes and base options to suit your requirements.

Buy LED Globes in Australia

Ozlighting is one of the top suppliers of LED globes in Australia.

One of the principal benefits of LED bulbs is they are energy-efficient. Studies show that LED bulbs are approximately 90% more efficient than incandescent bulbs. Plus, they do not require as much wattage as other bulbs.

One of the hold-ups that people have with LED globes is their high upfront cost. However, you will get more longevity out of LED lights. Thus, you will save money in the long run. Plus, these globes will conserve more energy, decreasing your monthly energy bill.

LED lights are hyper-focused and have a brighter light quality, because of this, you will not require many globes to light your home.

Also, there is a lot of flexibility with LED bulbs. You may select from a variety of specific colour temperatures. Thus, you can opt for a dimmer look or a powerful white hue that can light your entire yard.

Your Source for LED Bulbs

Another benefit of LED lamps is they are environmentally friendly. They reduce carbon transmissions, allowing you to place them outside your home without harming the air around you.

They also do not contain toxic ingredients. Many other light bulbs consist of mercury and other dangerous chemicals that damage the environment.

Overall, LED lamps provide long-term benefits that no other globe can offer. Purchasing a few bulbs can light your entire home. Plus, you will not have to worry about your light globes burning out every other month. The longevity and energy efficiency of LED light bulbs make them an ideal purchase for your home.

You can find many different brands of LED globes here at Ozlighting, including CLA Lighting, Domus Lighting, and Brilliant Lighting, among others. Plus, we sell many different colours such as red, green, yellow, and blue.

You can filter our collection of smart lighting bulbs by price, IP rating, colour temperature, and more. All of the lights we offer have quick start-up times and improve your home lighting instantly.

Ozlighting carries more LED globes than any other online outfit in Australia. You can browse our selection below.

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