LED Battens

LED Battens are surface mounted bar lights designed typically for areas such as laundries and garages where practicality and light output was paramount. Nowadays, compared to previous fluorescent battens, LED Batten Lights provide a more appealing design, and in most cases, is much more slimline. Light output is very comparable, and lifetime is longer. Choose from a range of designs, colour temperature options, as well as indoor and outdoor options. 


Surface-mounted LED batten lights to provide spot-free continuous illumination. Batten lights work great in garages, storerooms, porches, workshops, and other spaces around your home where good visibility is essential.

LED light bars are often slimmer and longer-lasting than traditional fluorescent batten lights. Lower your annual energy costs by replacing fluorescent batten lights with our LED energy-saving lights. 

We have multiple batten lights with various dimensions, designs, and mounting options. Install multiple lights across larger spaces to provide more light—or use a single bar to light up a doorway, desk, or other personal workspaces!

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