Exhaust Fans

There are two commonly used varieties of exhaust fans, axial fans and centrifugal fans....

Axial Fans

For non-ducted applications a good solution would be an axial fan, simply a blade  propeller spinning around an axis drawing air in parallel. Axial fans create airflow with a high flow rate, meaning they create a large volume of airflow. However, the airflows they create are of low pressure. They require a low power input for operation.


  • Low price;
  • Moves large volumes of air;
  • Lighter;
  • Smaller;
  • Lower energy consumption.


  • Noisy in high speeds;
  • Low pressure.

These are just helpful highlights of the important factors generally speaking.


Centrifugal Fans

The airflow created by centrifugal fans is directed through a system of ducts or tubes. This helps create a higher pressure airflow than axial fans. Despite a lower flow rate, centrifugal fans create a steadier flow of air than axial fans. Centrifugal fans also require a higher power input.


  • Durable;
  • High pressure.


  • Expensive;
  • Heavy;
  • Bulky;
  • Higher energy consumption.


Large Volumes of airflow required without ducting - Axial Exhaust Fan

More complex controlled volumes using duct - Centrifugal Exhaust Fan

Buy Exhaust Fans in Australia

The purpose of an exhaust fan is to eliminate excess moisture and foul odours from your home. >

Eliminating potential contaminants is critical for your living space, and condensation and other residues can lead to mould growth, causing respiratory issues for you and your family.

Often, Australian homeowners will install exhaust fans in their kitchen and bathroom since these are the two areas of your home that collect the most moisture. Exhaust fans will rid your room of warm air, making them ideal for cooling areas of your home.

Another benefit of exhaust fans is they improve the air quality in your home. Humidity breeds pollutants that are dangerous to your health. Plus, it makes your kitchen and bathroom unbearable to stand in. An adequate ventilation system will ensure you are breathing high-quality air each day

Without an exhaust fan, condensation is inevitable. This moisture can not only be a detriment to your health, but it can also damage the structural integrity of your home. Water damage can soften walls and cost you a lot of money in repairs.

You can filter your search for a bathroom exhaust fan by brand, colour, wattage, and more.

We carry all the top brands, including Brilliant Lighting, Mercator, Ventair, and more. Whatever your needs are, we can accommodate you with a top-notch product.

Our Selection

There are many different types of exhaust fans from which you can choose. Fortunately, we carry all of them. Here are some of our exhaust fan products.

  • Ceiling Exhaust Fans

Eliminate smoke and moist air from your kitchen with a ceiling exhaust fan. The ceiling is the most common area to install an exhaust fan.

  • Exhaust Fans with Light

Many exhaust fans double as a light for your bathroom or kitchen. Make your room more stylish by buying an exhaust fan with an LED light to help you conserve energy.

  • Wall Mounted Exhaust Fans

It is possible to mount an exhaust fan on an outside wall. This placement is ideal if you do not want your ventilation fan taking up space in your room. However, make sure you hire a professional to do the installation.

  • Smart Exhaust Fans

For those looking to conserve energy, go with a smart exhaust fan. These fans work automatically to eliminate humid air and are practical for all room sizes.

Ozlighting offers exhaust fans for your every need - check them out below!

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