Bar Lights (Indoor Spotlights)

Bar lights (or spotlights) are a perfect solution for bedrooms and hallways, as well as living rooms and kitchens. They are effective in lighting up large areas from one light point. Another advantage with using bar lights is where recessing a hole in the ceiling is difficult or not possible, for example concrete ceilings.


Indoor spotlights and bar lights help brighten an indoor setting. They are especially effective for bars because they are adjustable, allowing them to illuminate more space.

Spotlights from Ozlighting are easy to install and are built to last. Do you have a special design in your space that’s attractive? Use a spotlight to showcase it like a stage performance.

Adjust your spotlights to create the ambiance you desire. Use a specific size and shape to create a personal touch.

You can select from a variety of finishes such as brass, chrome, or black. Choose the one that best matches your home’s interior.

Indoor and bar spotlights can be attached to ceilings or walls. Ceiling spotlights are great for showcasing artwork. You can use spotlights to shine a light on anything you value, from a sentimental photo to a special award.

Wall spotlights have the added benefit of being adjustable, allowing you to shine a light on anything in your room.

If you’re looking for a more modern look, go with a chrome spotlight. Choose an LED spotlight to help lower your energy use.

Spotlights are also great for lighting up space to complete a task. Use them to make it easier for you to study or read at night. Choosing the best indoor or bar light fixture is just a matter of finding what fits your style.

Choose a colour that fits your existing décor and a size that fits comfortably in the space. Purchase a spotlight from Ozlighting today and bring attention to the items you want others to notice!

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