Emergency Lighting

Emergency lighting refers to lighting products designed specifically to operate in an emergency. The emergency lights are fitted with a battery pack that turns on automatically when a building experiences a power failure.

In the event of an “emergency”, these lights illuminate to provide safe exit and evacuation for those in residential and commercial buildings.


Emergency lighting in a building can help you find a safe exit during a power outage. Ozlighting has exit signs to help keep all industries in compliance with Australian standards.

All buildings are required to have exit signs and escape lighting. Emergency lights are typically used in offices, residential areas, retail establishments, and many other public and private buildings.

A fire safety company can inspect your lighting so you know it works. The installation of these devices is simple and quick to perform.

LED emergency exit lighting comes in three different, useful types:

  • Sustained emergency lights rely on a different source of light during an emergency, such as an LED chip.
  • Maintained emergency lights operate at all times. During a power outage, a battery backup will be activated. This option is best for your parking garage. 
  • Non-maintained emergency lights only turn on when the power goes out. Beyond functionality, you can choose designs that look attractive and designs made of durable material so you know your lights will last long.

Make sure your building is as safe as it can be. Purchase emergency lights and exit signs from Ozlighting to help protect you, your staff and your customers in the event of an emergency!

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