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    Most of us know that the bathroom is typically one of the coldest rooms in the house. But, not many of us think about the need to have a separate or additional heating system for the bathroom. Contact Ozlighting to discuss the right bathroom heater to suit your home if you need to solve any cold bathroom issues.

    Ways to Heat the Bathroom

    There are many products to choose from and various ways to get it done when it comes to heating your bathroom space.

    Exhaust Fans

    An exhaust fan system is one of the most popular bathrooms heating options. Commonly known as a 3-in-1 system, it provides lighting for your bathroom, heats the space, and draws out the moisture in the air. A wide range of large and small models can give you complete functionality in one unit.

    Panel Heaters

    Panel heaters are more common for much smaller bathroom spaces. A panel heater is a wall mount bathroom heater that allows the user to control the temperature with a built-in thermostat.

    Infrared Strip Heaters

    Infrared strip heaters are another option for small or compact-sized bathrooms. These heaters are also mounted on the bathroom wall and are popular because they can quickly warm up a room.

    What to Consider

    When selecting the type of heater for your bathroom, it is essential to consider room size, existing ventilation or additional ventilation options, heat output, and how quickly your space needs to be heated.


    There are various reasons why heating your bathroom may be worth it. Modern heating options streamline the bathroom design, provide comfort, prevent mould and mildew, are efficient and durable, and offer versatility to accommodate different users.

    What We Offer

    At Ozlighting, we provide a variety of options to heat your bathroom. We offer everything from simple heat lamps to efficient 3-in-1 bathroom heater designs. Our options let you select different electrical and efficiency standards to include overheat protection, as well as other opportunities to complement any design scheme and environmental choices for your home. We utilise advanced energy-efficient materials combined with innovative function and design.

    Our Services

    Our advanced and innovative options keep you warm all year round. If you are building a new bathroom or upgrading an older one for more efficient heat, have a look at our extensive range online, or call us at 1300 858 360 today!

    27 products