Track Lighting - Lighting up areas with functional and directional lighting made simple

Track lighting is an efficient and practical way to direct light to where it is needed. Track heads can be added easily in any position along the track, by clicking and locking into a live track. Track can even be cut down to smaller lengths go achieve exact run lengths. This allows for additional light to be focused or directed into areas that either require more light, or requiring highlighting. Tracks are easy to install and are available in the following options: recessed or surface mounted as well as Single circuit or Three circuit.

Single circuit (one wire) track in simple terms is slimmer in appearance, however does not allow in flexibility to separately switch track lights on and off on the same track.

Three circuit (four wire) track is thicker in appearance, but allows for the ability to separately switch track lights.

It may seem difficult to order this system of track lighting, however following these simple steps will make straight line installations of 1 metre or two metre run lengths very easy:

1. Choose the track length and colour - available in Black or White colour options with a choice of 1 metre or 2 metre lengths.

2. Add the track accessories - A live end and dead end need to be added to the track to give the track power. Choose from left or right live ends depending on what side of the track the power will enter from. The dead end simply ends the track by adding a decorative end cap to finish the track appearance aesthetically.

3. Choose from a range of track heads to suit the application. Available in different colours, as well as different wattages and beam angles. Generally speaking, a 10-15W track head will be suitable for residential applications, considering a ceiling height of 2.7M or under.

For more feature or complicated installations, there are many accessories to achieve certain requirements.

Suspended track - Choose from suspension kits for higher ceiling installations.

Long run lengths - Choose from joiners, either with power feed (live joiner) or without (dead joiner).

Run lengths that require track to go in different directions - Choose from L-shape joiners to change direction at 90 degrees. T-shape joiners allow for track to be joined horizontally and vertically.

Please contact us for any further information or advice for your track lighting project requirements.