The Ultimate Guide to Bathroom Heaters

Especially in winter, bathrooms can get extremely cold. If you are sick of shivering in the morning while you get ready for work, bathroom heaters are a must. Not only do they create a gentle warmth throughout your space, but they also offer calm, ambient lighting too.

Here, we have put together the ultimate guide to help you choose the best bathroom heater for warmer winters and more comfortable spaces. Let’s get started.

Types of Bathroom Heaters

Bathroom heaters use light waves to create heat, gently warming up your bathroom. They’re installed into your walls or ceiling and use various light sources and exhaust methods to keep your bathroom warm without overheating.

Below are a few different types of bathroom heaters.

2-in-1 and 3-in-1 Bathroom Heaters


Regardless of the light used in your bathroom heater, most come with a built-in high air extraction exhaust. These components circulate the air to ensure your bathroom is warmed up completely but will not overheat, causing obvious issues. 

A 2-in-1 bathroom heater has both heating and exhaust components built-in. Your other option is a 3-in-1 bathroom heater that features heating, exhaust, and various lighting options.

In other words, a 3-in-1 bathroom heater can operate as a light (on its own), as an exhaust fan, or as all three of these impressive features at once.

3-in-1 bathroom heaters are the best option if you want a built-in bathroom heater that can operate as three separate features or as an all-in-one device.

LED Globes vs. Linear Halogen Heat Lamps

Light sources vary when it comes to bathroom heaters. If you choose an infrared bathroom heater, the globes often come with the product.

However, when it comes to 2-in-1 and 3-in-1 bathroom heaters, you can install your own light globes alongside the bathroom heater component. So, the choice comes between LED globes and linear halogen globes.

LED globes are slightly more expensive but they last longer and are more energy-efficient. That means you will save money in the long run by buying fewer replacements and you’ll likely save money on your energy bill. 

Benefits of Bathroom Heaters

The three main benefits of installing a bathroom heater are warmer bathrooms, an upgrade to older homes, and unique ambient lighting.

Obviously, most people install bathroom heaters for the warmth they provide. With so many smooth surfaces, it is easy for bathrooms to get extremely cold, especially in the winter. So, if you would rather not freeze on your way to the shower, bathroom heaters can make getting ready more enjoyable.

Next, bathroom heaters are a simple way to upgrade an older home. Older homes do not often have the best insulation and that extra heat in the bathroom can be a selling point. Also, if your older home already has a bathroom heater, you might want to consider replacing it for safety reasons. 

Last but not least, infrared bathroom heaters offer a calming ambient red light that can transform the way your bathroom feels. For many, this is a huge benefit. But if you are not a fan, there are also bathroom heaters that emit regular light as well.


What to Consider Before Buying a Bathroom Heater

In addition to the type of light used and style options, there are a few other considerations to make before you choose the best bathroom heater for you.

Your Space

First, you will want to consider the space you have to work with. Again, small spaces and low ceilings will benefit from a flush-mounted infrared bathroom heater.

However, if you want a bathroom heater with a more traditional look to match your ensuite, a 3-in-1 bathroom heater is probably a winner.

You also want to think about where you will install your bathroom heater. Keep in mind, some heaters can be installed in both ceilings and walls while others can only be installed in one or the other.

Your Requirements

Then, you will also want to be realistic about your heating requirements. How much heat do you actually need? 

Have a look at the product features as some bathroom heaters have a max temperature output while others offer instant heat with zero warm up time. So, think about your heating requirements to help you make the best decision.


Compare the size of your new bathroom heater to the dimension of your bathroom. In most cases, you will only need to install one heater. It will have enough power to heat the entire space in only a few minutes. You also may want to consider whether you prefer the heater to sit closer to the sink or closer to the shower. 

Ducting the exhaust fans is also a huge factor to consider when it comes to installation. It may be required that your bathroom heater is installed in a particular spot to make the ducting process possible.

With strip bathroom heaters and more portable options, however, you may have external vents to work with. That means no ducting is required and the exhaust vent operates on its own within the heater itself.

Cut out templates are also available to help you better visualize your new bathroom heater within the space. Talk to our lighting experts for help on space considerations before making your purchase. 

What to Look For

While shopping for your new bathroom heater, keep an eye out for additional features to make sure you’re getting the best product for your specific needs and budget. 

After all, expensive doesn’t always mean better and, as always, cheap does not usually equate to effectiveness. So, here are some things to look out for.


Obviously, the effectiveness of your bathroom heater depends on your requirements. For example, you can opt for a “less effective” heater if you don’t need a ton of heat in your home but want to save money both upfront and on later energy bills.

However, if you live where it is cold all year round, you will want the top of the line with features like instant warming and higher temperature thresholds.

You will also want to ensure the safety of your bathroom heater. This means looking out for a quality exhaust component that ensures your space won’t overheat.


Checking out the warranty of a product is another great way to ascertain the effectiveness and quality of your bathroom heater. Generally, companies will back their products with longer warranties if they trust them to last.

Also, it is important to understand whether the warranty is a replacement warranty or an in-home warranty. Some warranties offer a full replacement of your bathroom heater if it breaks while others offer in-home repairs. So, you will want to consider which type of warranty you will be more comfortable with.

Energy Efficiency

As previously mentioned, LED lights are incredibly energy efficient. However, infrared bathroom heaters tend to pack more punch. 

Regardless, there are ways to use both types of bathroom heaters in energy-efficient ways. 

As with anything, it is important to only use your bathroom heater when you need it. Then, once your space is adequately warm, you can enjoy that warm, toastiness long afterwards. 

Of course, you will still want to make sure the bathroom heater you choose is as energy-efficient as possible from the get-go by searching energy ratings and overall wattage.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the best bathroom heater for you will depend on your circumstances. However, the most popular choice is often a 3-in-1 bathroom heater with LED globes and a ducted exhaust.

Shop the entire collection of Ozlighting bathroom heaters and contact us with any questions you might have. Warmer winter mornings are only a bathroom heater away. Get yours now!