Solar Lighting: Harness the Australian Sun

If you’re an Aussie, you definitely know about solar panels. They’re commonly installed on the tops of houses throughout our sunny Australian communities. But did you know that there’s a more affordable way to get solar lights for your home right now?

Solar lighting uses smaller solar panels that feed directly to your lights made mostly for your outdoor lighting needs. 

If this sounds interesting, keep reading because we’re going over all the benefits of solar lighting along with some of the most popular types of solar lighting we have available at Ozlighting.

Solar Lighting vs Solar Panels

Just to be clear, solar lighting isn’t the same as installing solar panels on your home. 

While these two terms can be easily confused, solar panels generate energy from the sun that can fuel everything in your home while solar lighting, on the other hand, has solar panels built into the lights themselves.

In short, solar lighting only generates enough solar energy to power the light itself.


Benefits of Solar Lighting

So, what are the advantages of using solar lighting? Especially in a place like Australia where the sun shines bright, the benefits are numerous including:

  • Renewable Energy
  • Convenience
  • Saves Money
  • Requires Minimal Maintenance
  • Safer

Renewable Energy

Perhaps most obviously, solar lighting is a source of renewable energy. So, if you’re looking to be more eco-conscious with your lighting choices, solar lighting is the way to go. 

The solar panel or solar cell that’s attached to the solar light itself will convert the sun’s energy into electricity and store it. Once the receptors identify that it’s dark outside, the stored electricity will turn on the light. It’s a wonderful, simple source of renewable energy.


Since solar lighting operates using energy from the sun, it won’t have to be plugged in. This offers ultimate convenience, especially for outdoor lighting since you won’t have to sort out extension cords or tricky positioning.


Saves Money

Since your solar lighting won’t be using electricity from the grid, you’ll save loads of money on your electricity bill. 

Plus, if you’re saving up for expensive solar panels, solar lighting is a much more affordable option to use in the meantime. All the money you save on your electric bill can then be put toward solar panels for your entire home.

Requires Minimal Maintenance

Solar lighting is completely self-sufficient and you’ll only need to replace the battery every so often. The life span of the battery is subject to the completion of a full cycle, by full cycle this means 1 full charge and 1 full discharge. Generally speaking the batteries have a life span of 200-300 cycles but this can vary based on a lot of circumstances. However, if you install them correctly and take proper care to keep them clean and damage-free, solar lighting itself can last as long as you choose to own them.


Since solar lighting is self-contained, requiring no cords or wires, it’s considerably safer than traditional lighting. There’s no chance of electrocution, no one will trip over a cord or wire and these lights will never become overheated. 

Types of Solar Lighting

At Ozlighting, one of our main suppliers of solar lighting is Solar Lighting Direct. They’re an Australian owned company producing high-quality products and designs to suit the Australian sun. 

To give you an idea of what we offer, here are some common types of solar lighting that every Australian should consider.

Solar Strip Lighting

Strip lighting is a series of lights that are lined along a strip and include things like fairy lights and other festive, decorative lighting. Solar strip lighting is ideal for decorating an outdoor space or spreading cheer during the silly season. 

Available in multiple colour varieties, solar strip lighting is a popular choice.

Solar Lighting for Gardens

Solar lighting also makes sense for use in gardens. Since gardens need sunlight just as much as solar lights do, installing them right in the ground alongside your garden beds is an ideal choice. Show off your gorgeous plants even at night without unsightly cords and wires. 


Solar Lighting for Decks

Keep your deck alight using the power of the Aussie sun with solar lighting made specifically for decks. These lights will charge all day during your summer BBQs and light up at night for your outdoor dinner parties. 

Simple and easy to install, these lights line the entirety of your deck, large or small, and create a stunning, high-quality look without requiring any extension cords or tricky maneuvering. 

Solar Lighting for Camping

There’s something quintessentially Australian about camping. Bringing along solar lighting for camping is even better. Solar-powered portable lights and lanterns charge all day in the sun and start shining bright under the stars. 

It’s important to note that not all solar lighting is portable. So, if you’re looking to bring your eco-friendly lights and lanterns with you out in the wild, make sure it’s portable. No traditional batteries required!

Solar Sky Lights

Solar sky lights are easy-to-install indoor solar lighting options. While most solar lighting is best for outdoor lighting, solar sky lights can be easily installed in some indoor situations, so long as the solar panel has access to sunlight.

Solar sky lights are often used as porch and patio lights but in some cases, they can be installed elsewhere in your home as well.

Traditional Solar Lights

Line your pathways and create an incredible ambience in your backyard with traditional solar lights. 

These types of solar lighting include post lights, pillar lights and coach lights and they’re classic yet modern as they generate electricity from the power of the sun in a style that looks familiar and iconic.

Solar Outdoor Wall Lights

Another way to keep your home safe and well-lit at night are by using solar wall lights. 

Reliable and simple to install, solar wall lights are one of the best additions you can make to the outside of your home. They won’t run out of power and if burglars tried to cut the wires, they’d be out of luck.

These are only a few of the incredible varieties of solar lighting we have available at Ozlighting. Shop our entire collection of eco-friendly solar lighting today!