Outdoor Lighting Guide: The Complete Guide to Illuminating the Outdoors

Every little effort creates a big impact when it comes to outdoor lighting because your eyes need very little light to adjust to the darkness outside. However, you need to know every inch and corner of your outdoor space before installing lights out there so that you can enjoy the Australian summers in full swing.

So, take a walk in the yard at night to plan the type of lighting you need, where it should go, and the kind of ambiance you want to create in that space. Also, factor in all the ways you will use this area; for example, do you want to build an outdoor kitchen? Maybe add a hot tub in a corner? Or just create a cozy reading nook where you can escape from all the indoor troubles?



Knowing the answers to these questions will help you pick the right kind of lights and install them in a way that makes your outdoor space aesthetically appealing.

Let's explore everything you need to keep in mind while setting up your outdoor lighting.

Types of Outdoor Lighting

Before buying your new lights, know your options. These include:

Task Lighting 

The pathways and entrances to your yard should be well lit. This is where task lighting comes in as a savior. This type of lighting is vital to performing specific tasks; for example, deck, pathway, and outdoor step lights are all types of task lighting. This type of lighting is essential no matter what season it is because your visitors will need some lighting at the entrance.

Just remember to get wet-rated fixtures with a high IP Rating because they will be exposed to water. Moreover, before buying any outdoor lighting fixtures, ensure that the manufacturers identify them as outdoor lighting.

Ambient Lighting

To light up the overall outdoor area, you need ambient lighting, also known as general lighting. Since its dark outside, it's ideal to use dimmable lighting so you can set the perfect mood for a hot soak or an outdoor party in the summer.

Installing lights with higher wattage will only blind you and your visitors when they walk through your yard.  For ambient lighting, you can use outdoor post lights or wall lights. They radiate a comfortable level of brightness that allows you to see and walk through the yard safely without glare.

Accent Lighting

This type of lighting highlights certain parts of your yard to create drama and visual interest. You need to invest most of your time planning accent lighting. Invest proper time and thought to plan the accent lighting setup and focus on particular features such as the doorway and landscaping. Besides, it can be used to highlight planting areas, trees, and architectural details.

Usually, homeowners use spike lights to add accent lighting to their homes. The taller your highlighted structure or tree is, the more drama it can create. It is best to get your lighting installed now so that you can take your visitors to the garden and enjoy a cool summer breeze.


Outdoor Lights And Their Placement

Garage Lights

Garage lights provide you with the safest way to help you arrive home at night. You can place outdoor sconces if you have multiple garages. Place them on the garage’s outside pillars to cover the whole area. If you want an alternate, you can opt for motion sensor outdoor lights or floodlights above the garage to light the entire site when there is a movement outside or someone drives up.

The best way to figure the fixture size you should install is to multiply your garage door's width in inches by 0.25. Additionally, for a garage with two doors, multiply the width by 0.33.

Hanging Lights

Outdoor spaces with a ceiling have one brighter chance of making your outdoor look appealing. You can use hanging lights in these areas. Hang an outdoor pendant light or flush mount light on your patio.  They can brighten this area and make it the highlight of your outdoors. So, you can sit and relax in the fresh summer air.

The pendant and flush mount lights will give a cozy feeling even in summers. When choosing outdoor lights, opt for the ones from the weather protectant and UV protectant range. These fixtures won't corrode because of being exposed to water, moisture, or acidic and alkali elements.

Post Lights

Whether you are lighting the back or front patio, post lights can add a lovely effect. They shine some indirect light that can create a comfy ambiance for you where you can sit, read and sip your coffee at night. Another place where you can install these lights is the shorter or longer driveways. It is suitable for this type of expansive area because it sheds light evenly in all directions.

Post lights in classic gold, bronze, or black can be a stylish standalone feature that enhances the aesthetics of your outdoor areas. It doesn't matter if other lighting fixtures are a different finish or color. The post lights with textured glass can also be installed over a brick or stone column in a backyard patio area to give off an ambient glow. You can also use a clear glass post light if you want to brighten up the space a bit more.

Wall Lights

The outdoor sitting area or wide porch can be lined up with wall lights with low-watt bulbs.  These lights will make the space bright enough for dinner parties and outdoor gatherings while keeping the light subtle. Outdoor wall lights and classic wall sconces can be a seamless fit for any home style. So, you can install them without a second thought.


Highlight Your Landscape

Your lush green lawn can look ten times better with the impact of landscape lighting. It is the simplest way to give a distinctive look to your outdoors.

You must have noticed areas that get veiled in the dark as you walk around the lawn. So why not pick a variety of landscape lights for all of these areas that you think need to be highlighted?

The good news is that you have a lot of room for using your creativity here. There are plenty of options in lighting that you can use to highlight different parts of your lawn, including flood, water, up/down wall lights, in-ground, as well as deck & patio lights. So, while you’re setting up the outdoors for your guests this summer, offer them a nice view.


Wrapping Up

Outdoors are the first impression of your house. No matter how well lit your indoors are, if your visitors have to walk through the yard in the dark, it ruins the entire vibe of your house.

Choose your outdoor lighting carefully, and you can leave your visitors in awe of your style sense the second they step out of their car. It's best to consult with a lighting professional to help you make the right choice.

If you’re planning to light up your outdoors, browse our wide range here. You will find several different types of lighting, so your options aren’t limited. Additionally, if you have any queries, you can contact us for further assistance.