8 Kitchen Lighting Ideas for 2022

Throughout the pandemic, you’ve probably come to see your kitchen in a completely new light.

More time than ever has been spent indoors during these last couple of years. This means renovation is on the rise as people work to create a kitchen that feels like their own. 

Choosing the right lighting is a super important part of this process. Lights are the jewellery of the kitchen because they tie the whole look together. 

Here at Ozlighting, we know how tricky it can be to get this right. Lighting that’s too bright, too dull or out of style can ruin your kitchen. To avoid this, we’ll be sharing 8 kitchen lighting ideas that are practical and on-trend in 2022. 


1. Fun Lighting 

One of the biggest lighting trends we expect in 2022 is a rise in playful and unique styles. 

People want to feel like they’re cooking and cleaning in a space that’s their own. By simply adding a quirky light, your kitchen can become a better reflection of you. 

Experimental or fun styles can be whatever you want! And the best part is you don’t have to sacrifice practicality. 

One of our most popular yet unique lights is the Nordlux CLYDE. This four pendant light will shine over your entire kitchen and it has adaptable light settings for every situation. 


2. Layered Lighting

Layered lighting is the thoughtful use of light types, angles and brightness throughout your kitchen.

This increased visibility will come in handy when preparing meals. However, your kitchen is more than just the place that you cook in.

It might be a productive part-time office, a cosy reading nook or an elegant space for entertaining. A smooth transition between the various uses is essential and the easiest way to change the mood is with the lighting. 

Convenient low lying reading lamps or statement lights that dazzle may seem like complete opposites. However, they can co-exist in your kitchen.

Layered lighting can increase your kitchen aesthetic and practicality. Some of the most common additions include pendant lights and mounted downlights used together to add dimension to any space.


3. Tripled Pendant Lights

Tripled pendant lights are perfect for framing your kitchen and they have a wide range of looks and styles. 

Whether your goal is to have a clean contemporary feel or a more rustic design, there’s a pendant light for you. 

One of their most practical features is how they bring the source of light closer to the area of use like your bench or sink.

The only thing better than a pendant light…is three! Tripled pendant lights help spread the light (and attention) across the kitchen. 


4. Metallic Lighting

Metallic lighting is on the rise in 2022 as people find new ways to add a little luxury to their lives and their kitchen.

It is particularly impressive when combined with a black and white decor or another minimalistic look. 

We’ve come to expect the same lacklustre lighting. So, a golden glow or similar metallic shine really helps your kitchen stand out. 

Our CLA Koper showcases metallic lighting at its best and this unusual pendant light comes in a variety of shimmering metals.


5. Statement Chandeliers 

A chandelier in your kitchen may sound unusual. However, it brings elegance and glamour to a space that can sometimes be overly functional. A statement chandelier acts as a focal point and provides a real wow factor. 

Contrary to popular opinion, there’s a real range in the way chandeliers look. You can opt for the traditional chandelier look or a more contemporary design

No matter which design you choose, a chandelier is guaranteed to impress your guests and really set your kitchen apart in 2022.


6. Curved lighting 

Your kitchen is probably a clean and uniform space full of polished edges and sharp corners.

By picking the right curved lights, you’ll be adding a little subtlety to your kitchen design that will complement these sharp aspects.


The CLA Caviar is the perfect addition to functional home decor. Its raw and industrial design contrasts with its curved sides to create a truly unique light.


7. Rustic Lighting

Rustic lighting is on the rise as people aim to bring a little bit of the outdoors into their kitchen. The designs are simple yet the results can be stunning. 

What makes rustic lighting so successful is the hand-crafted organic look it provides through the use of materials such as bamboo, stones, metal and rope.  

The Nordlux Trinidad is crafted from high-quality wood that’s braided together, providing a warm and cozy glow. You might also like the CLA Hopi, which is more of an attention seeker. 

Its weathered look and natural style will compliment your kitchen and it’s perfect for entertaining.


8. Contemporary Lighting

Contemporary lighting is ever-changing based on current trends and styles which makes it the perfect place to start your search to find what’s popular for 2022.

Common colours for contemporary lighting include black, grey and white but a pop of colour is often a nice addition.

The Cougar Helena is a great example of contemporary lighting. While it’s recommended for living areas and dining rooms, you’ll also find its unique curve is a stunning addition to your kitchen.


Overall, contemporary lighting is usually minimalistic and suits the design of most modern kitchens.


All of these lights are aesthetically pleasing and functional. This means their popularity today will stand the test of time. 

However, the best lights are those that reflect the way you use your kitchen. If you want strong lighting that shines over the whole space then go for it. 

Or, if you feel like a showy crystal chandelier that will impress your guests, then that’s great too. 

The most important thing about your kitchen and your kitchen’s lighting is the way it looks and feels to you. 


Ozlighting has an incredible range of lights for every purpose, house and decor. If you want your kitchen to look its best in 2022, then be sure to shop now