Be the Light of Mum’s Life | Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Need help figuring out what to get mum for Mother’s Day? Look no further. We’re here to help! We know lights might not be the first option that comes to mind when thinking about gift ideas, but let’s think outside the box here.

Lights are used daily and endlessly. They have a purpose, and every time the light is used, it’s a nice little reminder of the person who gifted it.

Also, (not to get too mushy) a light brings warmth, brightness, and joy! For this Mother’s Day, give your mum back the gift she has given to you for years. Let her know the years of guidance, support and love are seen and appreciated.


Mother’s Day Gifts on Sale

Who doesn’t love a good sale? We’re bringing you elegance on a budget. Let’s be honest, the past couple of years might have been a little money tight, but that doesn’t have to affect your gift-giving!

Every mum deserves a unique gift and we want to be able to provide that to you, whatever your budget may be. Check out these clearance items for a style that won’t break the bank!

Lexi DESKLAMP with a touch LED bulb is perfect for a desk or bedside table. It can plug into a USB for power, or use 3 x AA batteries. This lamp is perfect for those zoom meetings and Facetime calls if you live far from your mum, where good lighting is a must.

The Domus CONE-GLASS Pendant is great for those who want a pop of colour overhead. This light leans towards the artsy/contemporary home style, with a warm rounded cone shape. For the artsy mum who loves light and colour. 



Gifts under $50

Coming in a variety of shades, the Oriel CELIA is suitable for any colour scheme. The ceramic base provides stability with a beautiful pattern over top. This lamp can find a home in a variety of rooms, from the funkiest of homes to a classic black and white style. 

The Oriel MANDY is a striking, simple piece of art that will complement any room! The ceramic base has a leaf-like pattern, that would best accompany greenery. However, this pattern can also bring balance to a classic look and offers feminine appeal for mum. 

Gifts under $100

Very similar to the Domus CONE-GLASS Pendant mentioned above, the Domus STEP-GLASS Pendant has a more art-deco modern feel. This light features nine ‘steps’ that create the coloured cone surrounding the light. For the fun-loving mum who isn’t afraid of doing things differently.

The Domus NEW HAVEN leadlight is a piece to be featured! Its geometric pattern is filled with gorgeous blue and yellow stained glass and is inspired by ancient Aztec design. This piece is sure to make a statement and your mum will love it.

Gifts under $150

Sitting right at $110, we have the Nordlux JOSEFINE Table Lamp. This table lamp is perfect for those with an industrial floor design. Iron tubing, brass accents, and round bulb lights complete the sophisticated design with ease. 

The Oriel EATON-17 Pendant is for mums who enjoy a classic, simple look. This light is made from four glass panels boxed around a light, with a black metal frame (optional for the bottom).

This next item is on clearance, so it won’t fall under the $150 mark for much longer! The Nordlux ADRIAN - Floor Lamp is simple, elegant and easy to use. This lamp is ideal to add to any room as an accent and comes in grey and black. 


Gifts Under $200

Looking for something a little more coastal, warm and inviting? The Nordlux TRINIDAD Light Pendant is the one! It’s made from small wooden strips, woven together to create a seamless shade around the light. If your mum loves the beach or is always outdoors, it’s the perfect choice.

This pendant oozes warm light engulfed in an inviting circular pattern. The two levels of circles add a decorative touch, without going over the top. This light fixture is the true equivalent of the warm encompassing mother’s love.

Next up, we have the Nordlux CHINO Light Pendant, which is ideal over a kitchen or dining table. It has evenly spaced wood panels that surround the bulb so just enough light can pass through while adding to the sleek design. If your mum is always baking up a storm in the kitchen, she’ll love this stunning pendant.

These light panels will only fall under the $200 mark for a limited time, so don’t wait to make your purchase! Take advantage of this significant price drop while you can.

Gifts Over $200

We had to include the Mercator EMILIA Dimmable LED Mother & Child Floor lamp for obvious reasons. 

While the lights shine in different directions, as most mothers and children do, each is complementary to the other. Are you catching our ideas for what to right in the card (wink). But in terms of lighting, it provides both general overhead lighting, as well as specific individual lighting.

This set of 2 RHA WAVERLY - Table Lamps fit wonderfully in a bedroom or office space. The twin set creates balance and visually features a hard black shade to accent the brass metal base. 

Need more ideas?

Didn’t find exactly what you were searching for in this article? Shop our full collection of lighting to have a look for yourself! Make sure to check out the Mother’s Day Collection to find which fixture is the best fit for your gift!

If after all of this, you still can’t decide which is the best pick for you, there’s always the option of gift cards! Let your mum pick out the design she connects with most, and it still gets to be a creative, unique gift from you! 

Buy an Ozlighting Gift Card.

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box for this Mother’s Day. After all, your mum is special, and we want to give her a gift that will light up her world. Shop the full collection today!