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5 tips for lighting your garden

When the sun’s shining, it’s great to while away the hours in the garden. At night time, too, the great outdoors is the perfect place for late drinks and barbecues that go into the early hours.

No one wants to hang out in the dark, so it’s important to consider how you will light your garden when the sun goes down. Not only will this make it look great from outside your window, it will create an atmosphere that you and your family will want to retreat to night after night.

If you don’t know where to start with garden lights, here are five tips to consider:

Light your decking

Deck lighting is the ideal way to highlight one of your garden’s main features. In-ground lights can be fixed into the timber structure to make a communal space feel warm and welcoming.

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Make shrubbery glow

If you’re proud of your plants, why not show them in the best light. Placing lighting in or around your shrubbery can make for a dynamic lighting experience, as emitted beams moves with the foliage.

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Play with shadow

Keep a bit of mystery in your design by using as much shadow as you do light. This lets you hide sheds and other less attractive garden utilities, which in turn makes the features you do choose to illuminate even more stunning.

Think about bollards

The borders between your walkways and planted areas can be brought out with bollard lighting?or lovely spike lights. This indirect lighting solution casts beams towards the ground instead of up in the air, making it a subtle feature to your home. During the day, the aesthetic design of the post makes it an attractive addition to your garden.

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Go vibrant

Garden lighting is not all about keeping a natural look. Playing with various colours can have a great effect against both foliage and buildings.

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Patio Lighting

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How to find a colour for your room

Oftentimes?you will not want to paint a whole room to give it a new lease of life. While some find painting therapeutic, even the most Zen of us can be reduced to stressed-out messes before too long.

First, good paint can often be expensive. There’s also the time you will spend preparing, covering your floors, moving furniture and making sure the walls are clean. And then there’s the hassle of washing the dirty paint brushes – oh the paint brushes!

If these sound like recognisable problems, you may want to consider a simpler, cheaper alternative – changing your lighting scheme.

There are many ways lighting can add colour to your room, as well as improving the overall quality of illumination. Here are three tips:

1. Who’s hue?

Everyone has their own colour preference; some will?favour a regal blue, while others a dominant red. Many may also want to deck certain rooms in the colour of their favourite sport team.

Whatever the reason, there are ways to add splashes of colour through light. Look out for colour-changing and controllable lighting products. These come in many shapes and sizes, and are one of the many advantages of LED lights.

2. Warm to be wild

Think about the warmth of your lighting product. Choosing one with a certain Kelvin output?can bathe a room in anything from romantic candle lighting to the bright and vibrant blues of daylight.

If you can’t decide, a dimmable product will let you change this when ever the mood suits you.

3. What light is right?

While LEDs offer some serious gains, you may be tempted by another lighting technology. A carbon filament lamp, for instance, gives off a healthy and rich glow, while looking the part in your room.

We have all these products and more in stock at, so put down the paint brush and pick up a bargain.

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LEDS making the next generation obsolete

Occasionally, an invention is so good it trumps even its own evolution. The internal combustion engine, for instance, has been the principle form of motor travel for over a century. The technology was streets ahead of the competition, and it is still one of the most commercially viable options in the automotive industry today.

The same is proving true of LED lights, which will keep their spot as the number one lighting technology for quite some time yet, according to a new report.

The nearest competitor to LED, organic light emitting diodes (OLEDs), are proving impressive in their application, but they remain too expensive to trump the many advantages of LEDs, IHS Technology said this month.

This is because LEDs have been refined over several decades, whereas new lighting innovations are yet to have the same input. LEDS are also keeping ahead of the next generation simply by being such a great asset to any home.

“In terms of efficiency, lifetime and brightness, it will continue to be difficult for OLED lighting to compete with LED lighting,” IHS explained in its report.

Not only are LEDs capable of lasting for years without replacement, their low energy usage and high quality light emittance makes for an attractive proposition to most homeowners.

One of the main advantages of an OLED is its slim design, with a panel being a mere sheet of flexible material. However, this is solving a problem that for many does not exist, as the compact size of LEDs already makes them useful in everything from table lamps to car headlights.

“In all probability LEDs will remain significantly cheaper, more efficient and longer lasting than OLEDs, and that means LED will remain the mainstream technology for the foreseeable future,” the report concluded.

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3 of the best lit Christmas tree displays

By now, you have surely been out, bought your Christmas tree and wrapped it in beautiful lights. But how does it compare to some of the most well-designed trees around the world?

We all like to keep up with the neighbours, but some people have a big task in topping some of the Christmas lights?that have been put up this year.

Here are three of the most incredible and innovative Christmas tree light installations you may be able to catch a glimpse of in 2014 – if you’re lucky.

Sydney’s Lego?masterpiece

Starting close to home, Lego have built a whole tree in Sydney, made from around half a million of the famous plastic bricks.

Standing tall at Pitt Street Mall, the 10-foot design is larger than a two-storey house, wider than a car and weighs 3.5 tonnes. Accompanying it is also a surf-board wielding?Santa Claus, to truly represent an Aussie Christmas.

And, of course, what is a Christmas tree without illumination? A light show takes place for the public every evening from?8 p.m.

Floating tree – Brazil

Taking inspiration from The Snowman film’s iconic song ‘We’re Walking in the Air’, Brazil has come quite close to matching the feat with their festive display.

The world’s biggest floating tree was put up in Rio de Janeiro this year, illuminated with more than 3 million lights!

Piercing the sky at 85 metres tall and weighing more than 350 tonnes, the tree was unveiled to a spectacular fireworks event, making it the third largest event in the city – behind New Year and Carnival.

California’s ultimate home display

Some people are just unafraid to go big with their Christmas lighting displays, and perhaps in the United States you will find the greatest examples.

Fresno’s Christmas Tree Lane is where residents enter friendly and festive competition to put on the most spectacular home displays.

Not content with just a Christmas tree, the Alexander residence have built a Christmas countdown clock in the front yard and turned their home’s whole facade into a bright and colourful attraction.

What has been your Christmas tree inspiration this year?

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How to keep your home cool this summer

Would you rather be too hot or too cold? It’s an interesting conundrum. While heat is often related to beaches, holidays and generally great weather, being too hot can be a real struggle.

After all, it’s often easier to get warm than it is to cool off. Or is it? There are some great ways to keep our homes cool this summer, and one of the all-round best and easiest is with a ceiling fan.

These offer a distinct number of benefits for both body and mind. Here are three reasons to consider a ceiling fan as we get into the hot and sticky summer months.

They make you more comfortable

Ceiling fans don’t actually cool a room, but they do a great job of making you feel a lot more comfortable. Much like opening a car window and feeling the breeze doesn’t mean the air is becoming cooler inside the car, it does help to evaporate moisture from the skin, meaning your body temperature drops.

Having air circulated around your room is a great way to keep your home habitable when the sun is blazing. They are not just for seasonal use either; in winter, a ceiling fan will circulate warm air around a room, too.

They help reduce energy costs

If you own an air conditioning unit, you will know the expense of running it throughout the summer months.

A ceiling fan uses much less electricity than your typical AC unit. It also moves the cooled airaround the home, so if you want the ultimate cooling effect, combining both means your air conditioner can usually be turned down by a few degrees.

They add style

A ceiling fan is a timeless piece. Contrary to popular opinion, they can be used indoors or outside, meaning practically any room or space in your house can get all the functional benefits of a ceiling fan, while getting an aesthetic boost in the process.

We have a huge range of fans in our online store. Many of our variants also include lights, making them even more multifunctional.

If you have any questions about buying a ceiling fan, feel free to ask one of our experts – just contact us for advice.