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Light up your living room with LED strip lights

In our new blog post we want to show you how to use strip lighting in your living room and benefit from this beautiful interior design idea.



In the picture above you can see how great a light strip hidden in the sides of your ceiling can look. You just have to leave some space between your ceiling and your wall, where you can hide the strip light.



Look how great a contrasted rectangle, including a LED strip lighting, looks. The floor lamp between the two sofas completes this awesome living room. And that is not all. You can also control your LED strip light with your Iphone or Android mobile device.



In living rooms with no windows led strip lighting is also a great opportunity to light the room up. Just search for a nice ceiling lamp and finish the highlights of the room with strip lights. It will look great. In this example we took a blue strip light.



Underline your chandelier with a strip light in the same color it has. It will just look great. Also LED ?downlights will fit into this room concept and give it the finishing touch.


Lighting-Rendering-living-room-EnglandAnd also in old fashioned rooms you can find a space to hide your LED strip lights. It will light up your home and give it a modern touch and also the illumination is ways better.