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Who Can Help Me Design My Lighting?
Who Can Help Me Design My Lighting?If you’re moving into a new home, or redesigning your existing home, it can be tricky figuring out what lights you need and where you need them. It may even be problematic finding the right type of light for a particular space. This is where lighting designers come in. Find yourself a good, reputable lighting […]
History of the ceiling fan
History of the ceiling fanCeiling fans started off as little more than palm fronds but they have developed to become one of the leading ways to reduce rising electricity prices.
How to use lighting to improve your home security
How to use lighting to improve your home securityHome lighting shouldn't be confined to internal spaces - uses lights outside to contribute to your home security measures and protect your property.
11 key lighting terms you need to know
11 key lighting terms you need to knowNew to the lighting world? Or undertaking your first major renovation? Learn the terminology you need to light your dream home accordingly.
Why We Think LED Downlight Kits are Better Than Retrofit
Why We Think LED Downlight Kits are Better Than RetrofitThere is very little doubt that LED lighting is the preferred option over incandescent bulbs, but if you’re thinking about making the change from incandescent or halogen downlights to the more energy efficient LED, is it better to simply retrofit LED lighting into the existing fittings, or is it more practical to start over, installing […]
What are my Energy Saving Lighting Choices?
What are my Energy Saving Lighting Choices?How Many Times Longer does a CFL or LED last vs. an Incandescent? Incandescent bulbs are considered to be a traditional form of lighting, but not only are they a costly and inefficient option, they’re also becoming more and more difficult to get hold of. The problem with incandescent bulbs is that they work by heating an element […]
Lighting Info
Lighting Info

Garden Lights

Transform your beautiful day garden into a spectacular nightscape. We have spike lights, inground and recessed deck lights, bollards and pond lights. Check out our range of high-end outdoor LED lights designed to give you years of maintenance free usage

Garden Lights
Spike Light
Outdoor spike lights are easy to install and provide the flexibility of being able to easily change their position. Check out the Aqualux Lumena with the Quick Connect option for an outstanding solution that enables DIY installation.
In Ground / Deck Lights
Using recessed deck lights will add a quality finishing touch to your outdoor entertaining areas. These fittings are made from the most non-corrosive materials available and generally use top-quality LED technology.
Garden Bollard
Illuminate your driveways, walkways and garden paths with one of our garden bollards. These fittings are made from the most non-corrosive materials available and gives you years of maintenance-free usage.
LED / Energy Savers
LED lighting is perfectly suited for outdoor use. These lights will give you up to 50,000 hours of service.Check out products from Aqualux, Megabay and Boluce for some top quality outdoor LED options.
Flameless Candles
Our beautiful flameless candles flicker just like traditional candles. They are ideal for home use and social functions. Create a sense of style and ambiance, from classical to contemporary settings, our candles will set the mood for any occasion.
Underwater / Pond Light
Install some high-quality pond lights to bring your outdoor water features to life at night. Our Megabay range are made from non-corrosive di-cast brass and use top quality LED technology.

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My wife and I placed an internet order with Ozlighting late Sunday 19 afternoon. I would like to let you know our delivery was received first thing yesterday morning 21st. Not being regular internet shoppers we would like to let tell you how impressed we were with the prompt, hassle free, service Ozlighting provided. Everything including the pricing was very pleasing. We will definitely recommend your site to others.
Greg and Haadaya, New Gisborne VIC